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Wholesale Account

MasonicBling.com is also FreemasonWholesale.com. All the products sold by MasonicBling or FreemasonWholesale are available for wholesale buyers. Wholesale buyers must first meet our qualifications and be verified . You must have an on-line store, retail establishment, wholesale distributorship, or some other means of selling our products. As Masons ourselves, we offer significant discounts to Lodges, Chapters and Masonic Bodies. The following must take place for your wholesale status to be granted:

  1. Call us at 1.866.797.7160  or Contact us at sales@masonicbling.com. Provide us with a description of your type of business or information regarding your Lodge. Please provide us with a contact name; legal business name (if applicable); Lodge name, location and number (if applicable); and information including your business or Lodge address, emails and phone numbers that will aid in our servicing your request. 
  2. Fax or email us proof of your Federal Tax ID for your business. If you are a sole proprietorship or the Secretary of your lodge please provide us with a SSN. 
    Fax Number: 1.417.886.6868
  3. MasonicBling will verify your information as expediently as possible. When your account has been approved we will issue you a Wholesale Account number. With this number you will be afforded special discounts on large orders. At this time, simply contact us directly via phone or email and we will provide your wholesale discounts.
NOTE- Wholesale discounts do no always apply on some items already on sale or set as overstock or for liquidation

 Lodge Discount - Lodges, Chapters and Masonic Bodies automatically receive a 10% Discount with No Minimum Purchase. 

Wholesale Discounts
  1. 10K, 14K or Any Gold Jewelry - Call for Bulk Orders as Prices may vary due to the exchange rate of Gold
  2. All other Items:
  • 10% Discount on orders of $300 to $5000 
  • 15% Discount on orders of $5000 to 10,000
Contact us directly if you are interested in becoming a RESELLER or wish to have us DROPSHIP for you. We will verify your business information. We will Blind Dropship. Our standard Shipping and Returns Policies will apply.

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